6 Never-Been-Done Destination Weddings


destination wedding
Which exotic wedding locations will have you saying "I do" while making history?

2. According to DestinationWeddings.com, Mexico is the most popular spot for destination weddings. But with swine flu still on our minds, we doubt you'll want your wedding invitation to read, "Face mask required." Instead, host your wedding at the local baggage claim. Guests won't need to go through security to celebrate and more importantly, there's no limit on the amount of liquid guests can carry on.

3. Getting married underwater is nothing new. In fact, the crystal clear waters of Fiji, Maui and Bali make for a most romantic setting. But save everyone the trouble of obtaining their scuba license and head to the snack bar (aka a local fast food joint) instead. Guests will wait in line to scoop up salty fries and frozen novelties while they commend you on your good humor.

4. Finally, what wedding is complete without a strip club feat? Most men (and women!) prepare for their nuptials by slinging dollar bills at strippers and settling in for a nice lap dance. Why not save time and money by holding your wedding in a strip club? Strip clubs are supposedly good for marriage and we bet you won't have a problem with security. Read: Wedding Crashers Stunt Not Funny

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