Rejection Fear Extra For Good-Lookers


Science: People hung up on their looks are likelier to fear rejection because of their looks.

I'm not sure what conclusion can be drawn from all of these data points. I've held the theory for a long-time that most men fall into the 'average' range as far as looks go (hence all the douchebags with hot chicks) and maybe the arrivals of the David Beckhams, the Chace Crawfords and the Hansels (he's so hot right now) have made young men feel like they need a higher gear to attract the women they want. Ladies, on the other hand, have been dealing with ever-shifting beauty ideals for roughly 1,000,000 years (or 6,000 years if you prefer the Bible). I think Jesus said it best when he said, "Hey, wouldn't it be great if we were all really nice to each other and could love minor imperfections?***"

Would love to hear your thoughts, especially guys, about being insecure about your looks.

*Note: Duh, we are the two awesomest countries.
**Note: I'm very sensitive about my eyes being slightly different sizes, thank God I have no charm to be spoiled by the deformity.
***Note: That may not be a direct quote.

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