"Is It Open Bar?" 34 Thoughts We Have At Weddings


bride and bridesmaids
When wedding season opens for business, we start to wonder what all the guests are thinking.

18. Do I really have to try to catch the wedding bouquet?

19. I WILL catch this bouquet. None of you bitches better get in my way.


20. I wonder how late the bar stays open.

21. I love her dress but I could never wear it—it would be all wrong for my boobs.

22. I hope they have good sex tonight. Do couples even remember wedding night sex?

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23. Please don't let the best man give an incredibly awkward and inappropriate speech. And... there it is.

24. I spent $100 on a gift and I get fried chicken for dinner?

25. Thank goodness protocol gives me a year to get them a gift.

26. I loved my wedding!

27. I wonder if she told him about the bachelorette party "mishap."

28. This must be costing them a fortune.

29. Why did I order the fish? Stupid.

30. Why did I agree to split a hotel room?

31. I love the hora!

32. Are the center pieces for the taking?

33. I'll be damned. They played "Wonderful Tonight."

34. Maybe if I give the band $20 they'll play "Sexual Healing."

What do you think at weddings? Let us know in the comments.

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