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Comment of the Day 06/03

Comment of the Day 06/03

It's almost as if the moment Carrie Bradshaw was broken up with via post-it note a whole new generation of men had an "AHA!" moment and decided that the more distant the communication the better. The 21st century post-it note: the text message. There has been a lot of chatter on the site about relationships and texting. It seems the women don't think communication is a string of "lol, k thnx, by" and guys, well, they do. In response to the article, "Is It a Good Idea To Be Nice To Your Ex", z writes:

A friendly and clear Heisman is fine. Rip off the band aid....BUT DO IT IN PERSON AND WITH STYLE!! Email, text or other garbage techno break ups are f****d up and cowardly!! Good thing I grabbed my ex in a bar recently and made him look me STRAIGHT in the eye! Now that was closure...why on earth do I have to be the man?

It could get worse. I mean, what's next? Break up via blog comment.


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