Blogging On 'Your Tango'


Blogging On 'Your Tango'

Just in case she was some love starved naive young woman that needed to have someone to relate to-I didn't want to let her down. How noble of me. Curiosity was killing the cat.The next day I got a Hollywood produced graphically designed E-mail with photo included and soft music playing in the background in my return E-mail. She was 23 yrs old and attending a University in Kenya.She started to tell me about her life and family. I deleted it real fast and ran three virus scans. Much too professional!  This was obviously not some 30 something naive young lady from Minnesota. I envisioned the pirates in Somalia were now into sending virus embedded files in E-mails that would steal my passwords and account numbers off of my hard-drive. At best I figured I would soon be hearing how she needed tuition,a laptop,or a new grass roof on the hut for her family of nine. All the succeding Y/T messages asking immediately for my E-mail address I send back to Lyz. Lyz is great in dealing with members of the community.

Lyz says I seem to have way too much fun on this site. I think she was attempting to pre-emptively head me off at the pass should I maybe ask for some sort of renumeration for my contributions since I seemed to spend so much time here. I'm just happy to be able to express myself and make contributions without having to worry about legnth and content. It's awfully frustrating to write something this long for a site like Huff-Post and upon clicking 'submit' it comes back: "comment is too long by 9000 characters," By the time I edit it down it has no content. I don't usually do the 'drive by' type comments. Besides, Huff-post and USA Today don't usually have articles on Romance,relationships and sex.Some sites are real picky about the language you use or the topic you choose. Almost none let you address topic's of sex. Even when THAT'S what THEIR story was about! At Y/T , people aren't trying to figure out what your political leanings are based upon your mentioning that you live with your girlfriend. "Yep, must be liftist commies". I think the one editorial I sent to the local newspaper a few years back probably got rejected because I used the word "masterbate". I wasn't even talking about SEX! I was making a comment about the President.


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