Blogging On 'Your Tango'


Blogging On 'Your Tango'

AND,sometimes you also get to  have your story featured in the magazine for others to enjoy. Everything from "How to deal with a joint banking account between couples" to "How spanking your wife can increase her arrousal". I'm not into the S/M but I read it anyway. Interesting! In fact it opened my mind up to something I had always thought rather kinky. I even posed the idea to my mate-asked her if she thought it might increase HER arrousal. She asked me if I thought her knee in my groin would increase MY arrousal.We didn't attempt that one, but have learned some other pretty neat tricks in the bedroom from writers at Y/T.It's kind of like a'Cosmopolitan magazine' that you can interreact with. 

One of my favorite parts of Y/T is the section where readers ask a question looking for advice in dealing with a situation. I've offered my viewpoint to a woman that was surprised her B/F was still watching porn-she wanted to know if ALL men do that.Only since the internet.One reader asked how you get teens to wait for sex. I could't resist answering that based on my wisdom and experience. "I usually have them stand in line and then just pick out the females." I DID give a real answer after that(fearing I might find my account closed the next day and maybe even a virus embedded message in my E-mail) but I had some fun untill my wine was all gone.  Women that are in Obvious dead end relationships and are being used is one that many women jump on the bandwagon for. I think they get a lot of satisfaction telling the girl to 'dump the creep'. It seems to help heal their own past experiences when they couldn't see what was so obvious to others. Most guys don't like to see a woman taken advantage of either and are quick to point out that they would never treat a woman that way or never get away with such behaviour. Actually they got dumped and don't think this guy should get a free ride either.

One of the more unlikliest situations I've found myself in the midst of is explaining to a few women how to acheive better sexual outcomes with their partner. I've had  two women contact me through my Y/T message box thanking me and asking for more insight. Dr.Tony! For some reason I feel myself explaining in a German accent. I even got a  request from one women that wanted to continue conversation in regular internet E-mail. I only responded because  I'd  been in contact with her and I saw she had made posts-unlike some*. I've wondered what her boyfriend  would think if he came accross an E-mail discussing explicit sexual advice-from a guy. Different strokes for different folks. Maybe they both share the information. 

*Some women(?)that I've never even been in contact with have left me messages in my Y/T message box telling me they think they are in love with me from reading my Y/T bio and comments,and they think "we could be everlasting soulmates".And they would like to contact me through my regular internet mail.  Please, I smell a rat here somewhere. If they didn't pour it on so heavy I might even fall for it. I don't even have a real picture on the site-maybe they think my avatar is sexy. Hey it does resemble me---thirty years ago. But they don't have any avatars with silver hair. Well,just out of curiosity I replied to the first one, with the supplied Yahoo E-mail address.

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