Blogging On 'Your Tango'


Blogging On 'Your Tango'

Don't you just love being a member of Y/T? My experiences's of interacting with websites on the internet are probably more limited than those of the generation or two behind me- I don't have a Facebook or MySpace account. I don't even have a web page of my own. Other than using my PC for doing banking,looking at satelite weather,sending E-mails and researching information,my biggest use has been accessing news information. And most news and magazine sites allow me to COMMENT on their articles. That's the most satisfying part about accessing the news on the internet.

Years past,all we could do was read the articles and if we were very enthusiastic or upset about an article-at best we could pencil off a letter to the editor. Of course there were many limitations. First we had to take considerable time to:get a pencil,and paper,find a stamp,locate the address and then spend the time to write. We'd spend considerable time to make it coherent so it would be taken seriously and be allowed by the editors. My local paper only allows seven letters a year so you had to budget the priorites of what you were going to comment on, and of course you could only use up to 250 words-which insn't easy for me, I use that many just getting UP TO the starting gate. Lots of time and effort for what may never get into print. Myself,total number of times I went to the effort of doing all that:1.Total times it made it to print:0


On the internet it's easy. Read the story(looking at some of the comments- I don't think some even do that) and  then"click":comment. Your ready to grace the rest of the reading public with your take on matters. Observing the comments on some sites- coherency isn't even much of a factor. Although on some of the more canabilistic sites if someone else doesn't agree with your view they will lombast you with ridicule for everything from "your party caused all these current problems"(How did they know my party affiliation?-all I said was I didn't think the extremely wealthy should keep getting all the tax breaks-particularly when their income all comes from capital gains on investments that are taxed at a reduced rate- much of which gets written off) to "You dummies can't even spell"(it wasn't a spelling error-it was a typo!). So much for the content of my character. It does get rather 'dog eat dog' out there. Sometimes even a story about some 'blob mass' observed ten million light years away brings about political assaults.

And then there's Y/T.What a refreshing break from the cruel news world. It's about love,relationships,and SEX. Even some of those(alright probably ALL of those) topics would bring out the political fanatics on other news sites. I think it was probably a story on SEX  that I clicked on that that brought me to Y/T. Probably! I still find the topic as interesting as when I was a young boy looking at a book on anatomy in the public library.'READING' I meant; reading a book on anatomy at the public library. "Hey Tony, come and look at the picture of this dinosauer-this is wild." "No Pat,come look at this-THIS is wild!" READ! Read I meant;"read this,what an interesting passage".

At Y/T you not only get to read and comment on some great articles pertaining to love,relationships,and sex,you get to ask questions or pose a particular dilemna to other patrons for their collective advice.

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