Choosing Between Betty & Veronica


betty, archie, veronica
Archie waffles for 7 decades but finally does the right thing: makes a decision.

While Betty or Veronica is a matter of taste (as is Mary Ann vs. Ginger and AC Slater vs. Zach Morris), the important thing is that finally this guy has decided to decide and it doesn't take Malcolm Gladwell to tell you that almost 70 years of waffling didn't help him make a better choice. Though I've never been a fan of Archie and the Gang, I think my ginge-tinged homeboy made the right decision, if push came to shove, Veronica could become bland and bleach her hair blonde, Betty would have to win the lottery and gain a personality, much taller odds.

Do you think Archie made the right choice?

Image: Archie Comics