Manscaping The Land Down Under


Manscaping The Land Down Under
Has the metrosexual epoch hit a crescendo with male nether region shaving?

Whatever the case, this trend, whether it's real or marketing mirage, needs to be carefully considered. Before letting your guy give in to Diddy*** and the beauty industry's pressure, tell him your preference and just hope that he has a newfound appreciation for what you go through. I'm no expert on evolutionary hygiene but this seems like the first step down a path that we may one day regret.

*Note: That number is not entirely accurate, to my knowledge. ?
**Note: Please, please no double scoop of vanilla, chocolate or mocha jokes, OK??
***Note: Caught Notorious last night, it was good and Derek Luke was a pretty solid young Sean Combs. It's got to be hard to do play a still-young, living person without falling into impression territory.