Comment of the Day 05/29

Comment of the Day 05/29

I love a good honest confessional. And PrinceWm is nothing but honest. In fact, in response to the article "Why Guys Hate Date Movies", PrinceWm opened his soul, writing:

I can find humor, entertainment and a little bit of retrospection in a well written rom com, with witty dialog and colorful characters, but am very content waiting for the dvd release and watching it at home with a girlfriend, a bottle of wine and the ability to pause and rewind. I prefer to save my $20 tickets - $40 popcorn&snacks for explosions, fast cars and the creative breaking of limbs and necks. A sexy make-up kissing scene with some classic Sade kicking in the background is great, but let's face it, a waste of a 200 foot Imax screen with Dolby 12.0 hi-def surround sound. My 26 inch flat screen in the bedroom will more than suffice. Plus, if my girlfriend gets caught up in the romance of the moment, she can plant one on me and not feel the awkwardness of public displays of affection.
That being said, some of my all time favorite movies are "relationship chronicles", creative analysis of various types of relationships, that were most likely crafted with a primarily female audience in mind. (in other words, chick flicks that aren't rom coms. Just sounds more manly my way!) Beaches; Steele Magnolias, Forrest Gump (borderline - I know). Yes, I said Beaches. I like watching it, but for some reason it seems to stir up dust in my house, which always irritates my eyes right at the very end of the movie...

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, PrinceWm loves "Beaches." Um, I'm a Bette Midler-lovin', song-belting lady and even I don't like "Beaches." But OMG I love "Steel Magnolias". Sammy Wayne Desoto, what is this in my frigidaire!


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