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One of the hardest things, yet it's


I have done a lot of observing of situations, reading of articles, experiences I have had or learned from other's people's mistakes....... & I though it all I am amazed that something as big a deal as this love stuff is, that it's referred to as a "game" & how Guys seem to be the one to call the shots & hold the cards. Women seem to be the ones who play mind games, or hard-to-get....... I don't agree with this logic! Things are hard enough without all these "games" people can play! I never seemed to know the rules as the rules change all the time, so is in part why I DON'T play. Something that most everyone wants to attain, still seems one of the hardest things to accomplish. I also notice that this area is not taken as seriously as say someone's job/career, education....... this too is something that is worth it, so why isn't it treated as such?! I know in a perfect world....... I don't claim to know the answers, I just offer up what I feel is common sense & opinion & hope it helps someone look at things from a different way they were not able to before. It also helps take my mind off of MY issues/concerns & yet learn in the process. I hope one day I too will be able to find a membership into the club that only 2 share, before I leave this Earth! I would like to find someone to share my daily experiences, & happiness, struggles with as I feel we're not meant to be alone tho it may seem the contrary. One more rant/observation I have seemed to notice is how things are geared toward married, coupled folks. I LOVED the SITC episode where Carrie touched on this very thing. She went to her friend's baby shower, had to take off her shoes & someone stole them. When she asked her friend to help her out she played the momma card. So, she got engaged to herself & registered at her shoe store. (They were a cool silver pair - $500 shoes!) A coup for singledom! Yes I know it's a show, just wanted to use it to illustrate my story....... I look forward to furthering my tenure here @ YourTango!



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