Living, Learning, and Loving @Tango

Living, Learning, and Loving @Tango

Living, Learning, and Loving

I love my wife.  She is my best friend.  She is my buddy.  She is the person I share with the most.  She is difficult.  She is strong.  She is weak.  She wants a lot.  She demands a lot.  She is my wife.  I love my wife.

Simple statements mean so much in a relationship.  When I started writing here, I wanted understanding.  I shared this with you and got a number of responses.  The sharing and your responses led to learning, living, and loving even more.  Today, I have a better understanding and an improved relationship.  For how long I do not know.  As I continue to live, learn, and love; I continue to share.  My experiences are not unique and sharing with you gives me the ability to realize that I am not alone – no matter how much it may feel so.  

To all of you out there who share, question, and answer; keep at it.  It is good for you, the rest of us, and our relationships.  Continue to live, learn, love and share.


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