The Excellent YourTango Community


yourtango community
YourTango's vibrant community is growing strong.

Here are some of the things that have been going down in the community and some of the new things to look forward to:

  • Give-aways! Watch the YourTango homepage for more give-aways. We want to reward your awesomeness with free stuff, but you have to participate to win. Just ask Qverb!
  • We have an "Ask YourTango" feature where you ask the questions and other users give the answers. Okay, I give answers sometimes too. It's a great way to share experience and get help.
  • Once a week, we pick a blog from the community to post on the YourTango homepage. Stop by weekly and see what other community members are writing about.  And keep blogging! Our editors know that our community consistently writes in-depth and profound blog posts.
  • Comment of the day! Want to hear what other people are talking about around the site? Watch the community blogs every morning for my morning picks of the top comment from the previous day. Whether they are funny, smart, in-depth, pithy or sarcastic, our community has some fabulous comments. You can view past comments of the day here.
  • Polish up those profiles! We want to feature our top users on our site. The YT team is figuring out the best way to showcase what makes our site awesome: YOU.
  • Check out YourTango on Facebook.

As always, drop me a line if you need anything (within reason that is) or want to chat.

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