Why It's Better To Marry For Money

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Interview: the authors of "Smart Girls Marry Money," say money is more important than love.

What does your husband think about the book?

Dr. Drake: He thinks it's hilarious. Well, my husband's not an American, first of all, so he just has a different sensibility. People are doing whole blogs on the book entirely based on the title and making conclusions about what our love lives must have been like and whether or not we were bitter, instead of saying there might actually be content in the book, not just the title.

Why do you think that women are not as marketable as they age? Does a man's marketability also decline?

Ford: Men have an advantage. Just even anecdotally, Sex and the City [illustrated this idea] where a young woman can still be very attracted to a graying, kind of sexy older man, but for the same-age woman, young men aren't thronging to her. It's not fair. Many guys who are much older are with really much younger women. You don't see the reverse very often. Of course, you do see it occasionally, and everyone's going to red flag Demi Moore, but the fact is that in our culture, women as they age are devalued, and it's a crying shame.

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