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Comment of the Day 05/27

Comment of the Day 05/27

Mystyno wrote a blog about trying to find love as a 50-year-old widow. We featured it on the front page of the site and most users have written in support of Mystyno saddling up and getting back out there again, but Z tells her to stop her whining:

Perhaps you could change things up a little...instead of finding the passion in a guy...why not try life? Change your damn job as it doesn't sound very interesting...and start taking a sincere interest in things outside of men and being insecure. You have a choice, you know. Instead of telling yourself a story that depletes you and is so sad , why not create one that actually nourishes you? You really can. You are what you believe to be ...One big question, once you land the guy, will you also depend on him to constantly entertain you? Will you need him so much that he will run for the hills? Start feeding your soul sister...don't wait around for a guy to do that for ain't gonna happen. Honest but this is where the change will start...

Sometimes we all need a little jolt to get us out of a rut. I hope the advice support and wake up calls have helped. Keep blogging and we might pick your blog post for our front page.


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