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i'll make it short. my ex, who THINKS he's the father of my baby ( and i say he thinks only because he's not taking care of responsibilities) had the nerve to contact me telling me that my baby was gonna have a sister and that he wanted me to bring my daughter to his wedding reception in september (which is also my birth month) so that they can meet because they needed to know each other. now, prior to all of this he and i had been split up for about 2 and a half months at the time and of course like anybody else, he came crawling back, literally crying and all the usual BS. i didn't take him back but we both agreed that we needed to seek counseling. a couple of weeks after that, i knew within my heart of hearts that being back with him and trying to make things work would be a VERY foolish decision. so i let it go and began to move on with my life. he on the other hand was still showing interest in making things work, but i wasn't hearing it. long story short....we hadn't spoken for about 2 weeks before he contacted me and now he's telling me that not only is he supposedly getting married, he has ANOTHER baby on the way. how can you 1) spread your seed knowing full well that the one that you have had a hand in creating is not being taken care of by you and 2) how do you expect to get married with no money? no job = no money right? this boy is so lost and confused it's ridiculous....actually it's sad and funny all at the same time. i really feel sorry for the girl, who by the way i knew was fuckin him at the time that we were still together and i was stupid to not have cut him off then when i first suspected it but i'm woman enough to admit that i was a fool. lesson learned, can't take it back or change it. i just find it very amusing that he THINKS i'm going to bring my baby around when he hasn't made the effort to see her in 4 months while she was in the hospital (she was in the hospital a total of 6 months and just recently came home). and yet and still with all of him saying all that he said he still hasn't asked how she's doing or what it is she needs or what he can do for her.


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