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Comment of the Day 05/21

Comment of the Day 05/21

Oh, Jon and Kate. Their turmoil has turned my world upside down. I loved seeing a down-to-earth couple make it work despite a crazy, kid-filled life. And now, my American dream has been squashed. Jon: When you cheat on Kate, you cheat on AMERICA! I know your life is hectic and your wife is bossy, but that's no excuse. And it appears, I'm not the only who thinks there is no good reason to cheat. In response to "Jon, Kate, License to Date", an article which analyzes whether some couples recently in the spotlight for infidelity actually had an open marriage, BookMama notes:

But even if one partner truly couldn't have sex, the other partner can stay faithful. It's understandable if someone isn't strong enough to be faithful in a situation like that, but it's also going to be immensely painful for the person who can't have sex if their partner turns to someone else. And, of course, many couples will go through times when one person can't have sex for a while for some reason.

Isn't that the whole point of commitment? Really. That you are faithful through the sex-less as well as the sex-filled times? I'd love to hear the other side of this debate.


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