Traveling Together: Road Trip Dos and Don'ts


Traveling Together: Road Trip Dos and Don'ts
Your survival guide to you, your man, and several hours of uninterrupted traveling time.
7. Don’t be a lazy driving partner. Split the driving time in half so you both get an equal amount of time to sleep and relax.
8. Do be comfortable with silence. Just because you’re both in the car doesn’t mean you need to be talking. Sometimes just sitting together listening to your favorite song (ahem, music that you both enjoy, see number 3) can be better than nonstop rambling.
9. Don’t argue over stupid things such as how often to stop to go to the bathroom, whether or not to put on the air conditioning, and how often to stop for food. So, you just stopped two hours ago for food and now he’s craving a chocolate shake. Make the stop. Remember, you can use this as excellent leverage later on during your pregnancy (you know, that delightful time when you can force him to travel 50 miles to buy you your favorite dessert and he has to do it). Read: Having A Baby Improved My Sex Life
10. Do bring condoms. You know. Just in case. How To Have Sex In A Car
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