How To Date Like The Bachelorette


Jillian Harris The Bachelorette
What Jillian Harris has taught us about dating more than one man at a time.

3. Learn how to swim. What, you ask, does swimming have to do with dating more than one man at a time? In Jillian's case, swimming, or shall we say, pools in general, prove to be the ultimate measure of a man's character. One man was willing to get naked and jump into a pool just to prove his devotion, or perhaps was it the fact that he was well-endowed? Another bachelor revealed his brawny side when he cozied up to Jillian underwater. ''I just feel like little Jillian and this big guy's going to take care of me," she confessed after back on land and fully clothed. Whatever the situation, swim suits and love seem to be inseparable.

4. Ask for help. While Jillian doesn't have the luxury of calling her girlfriends to dish about her latest date, she does have the benefit of calling in a few special guest stars to help sort things out. During week 2, Jillian called upon the Harlem Globetrotters to test the bachelors' skills on the basketball court. Although the bachelors suffered a loss, their showmanship on the court helped Jillian to discover who was a true team player. While one bachelor dropped Jillian on the court, another scored major points by making a play for Jillian's heart. The Globetrotters ultimately chose Dave as their pick for MVP and as fate would have it, he went on to win a rose. Read: What Do Pro Athletes Know About Marriage?


While we wait to find out which bachelor will land in the mansion next and which one will head home for good, we remember why dating is best when taken in small doses. Jillian's tears and her tendency towards heartache make for a most enjoyable Monday night but in real life, less is best.