How To Date Like The Bachelorette


Jillian Harris The Bachelorette
What Jillian Harris has taught us about dating more than one man at a time.

Fans of The Bachelorette will remember that Jillian Harris was cast off Season 13 of The Bachelor despite her fondness for single-dad-turned-serial-dumper Jason Mesnick. Not at all the mustard man Jillian was hoping for, Jason turned out to be total sauerkraut.

Moving past the picnic drama, Jillian is clearly ready to find love once again and has landed herself in the enviable position of dating 30 guys at once. As The Bachelorette swings into week 3, we examine what Jillian Harris has taught us thus far about dating more than one man at a time.


1. Keep your men at a distance. While The Bachelorette gets to live all by her lonesome in a big, beautiful mansion, her men sleep side by side on bunk beds in the Bachelor Barracks. This strategic move was made a few seasons ago in an effort to separate the "stinky" from the select few. Not only does the Bachelor Barracks have a reputation for being smelly, the fact that the men are separated from Jillian makes that "alone time" only more special. One by one, the men are invited to move into the mansion with Jillian but only after she's memorized their name and has extended them a special rose. Watch: Red-Hot Reasons To Skip First-Date Sex

2. Don't kiss in public. Last night's episode landed Jillian and 11 of her guys on a live Hollywood set and in full costume. While each bachelor acted out a part in a country western movie, Jillian took her cues from the script as well and planted several kisses on her co-stars. As soon as she locked lips with the first guy, however, it was open season for all the rest to take their shots.

''Brad's kiss was, like, one of the most awkward things I've ever seen two human beings do together,'' teased one bachelor. It's fine to have a running commentary in your own head about whom you like to kiss and why, but open it up for public approval and you'll find yourself at the center of a dating dart board. Read: What Do You Do With A Bad Kisser?

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