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Comment of the Day 05/18

Comment of the Day 05/18

User painted love writes in response to "The New Compatibility Test":

I don't think there's a single thing I hate more than a guy who texts when he could call. What? Is calling "too hard"? Me, I think texting is comparatively difficult, even with my QWERTY phone. I can understand if you don't want to interrupt a class or a meeting, but otherwise, texting seems like the quintessential act of passive-aggression.

Which brings up the question: Just because he hates phone calls, does that mean he's not into you? I think no. We all have our preferred ways of messaging. If you call me, it'll take me 3 years to call me back. But email me? I'll reply in .498 seconds. But just because I don't call you back does not mean I'm not that into you, does it? Anyone else feel like painted love? Or care to weigh in?


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