Technology: The New Compatibility Test


couple's wires crossed
Why your tech preference matters and what it says about you.

3. Tech Savvy or Stalkeresque? She's following him...on Twitter. He thought he wanted a partner who could be with him every step of the way, even as he navigates his moves for the day. But suddenly, he feels a whole lot less free. If I Tweet where I'm going, he wonders, is she going to show up there unannounced? Do I want this or not, he questions, adding in his mind that he is still technically not married and thus somewhat single. But how would she take it if he asked her not to show up at a Twitter-identified location unless explicitly invited? He mentions it. She gets the hint. Finito. 

4. But I'm Not On Facebook. Suave, under-the-fray pick-up lines these days sound as carefree as, "I'll Facebook you," or, "Are you on Twitter?" But what happens when the party being hit on is not on these sites? The tech wires cross instantly. The only option remaining is to ask publicly for a number and plug it into a phone. This opens the door to a bigger possibility of rejection. Some will accept this risk; others will move right along to the next Facebook-friendly face.

Readers: Any of these sound familiar to you? Do Tell!

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