The 8 Bachelorette Castoffs We'd Most Like To Date


Graham Bunn
There's no such thing as sloppy seconds when the menu is this hot.

The 33-year-old martial arts master from Crestwood, Kentucky tried to impress DeAnna with his kung fu skills by kicking a lemon off of Jesse's head. His karate chops make us wonder what else he can do with those hands.

5. Lanny Lanny (Rejected by Meredith in Season 2)


Remember the sweet 26-year-old Texas ranch hand who made his way all the way to the top four? Word is that he ditched the sticks for a suit and tie but we’re still sweet on any man who can rope a calf or bust a bronco.

6. Blaine Twilly aka Twilly (Rejected by DeAnna in Season 4)

Although the 33-year-old jokester admitted to having “no idea what was going on half the time," we’re pretty sure Twilly was well aware of the fact that humor is a way to a woman’s heart. Read: Self-Deprecating Humor Works

7. John Paul Merritt Rejected by Jen Schefft in Season 1

John Paul may have developed a bit of a reputation for having a bit of an ego but the guy sure had guts. After opening his own restaurant in his home town of Oklahoma City, the self-proclaimed entrepreneur also had plans to start his own television show. Too bad the economy went bust. Word on the street is that this pseudo-celebrity now has some time on his hands.

8. Kiptyn (Possibly rejected by Jillian Harris in Season 5)

Described by Entertainment Weekly as "a California business developer (who) wows Jillian with his amazing good looks and quiet charm," we bet that Jillian won't fall for this warm weather hunk. We call first dibs!

Photo courtesy of Splash News.

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