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Comment of the Day 05/15

Comment of the Day 05/15

So, here on YT we are wondering why guys hate date movies. I know my DH hates em. Ever since he saw "Love Actually" he said he'd never see another date movie again. But why the hate? Qverb gives us a little insight into the reason:

In general date movies and their ilk are akin to romance novels. They are great when they are confined to the world of fantasy and responsibly used to escape reality, but when you start basing the state of your life or your relationships on them then you are just asking for trouble. The Hollywood romance move, date movie, action movie, etc, is just not real. Its larger than life for a takes us out of our own lives for an hour or three. Reality is a lot messier and takes a lot more work. You don't see life after the happy ending in a movie because that is when reality really starts to move in.

That standard worries men, because its what they think they are competing against. Next time you sucker your guy into watching "Sweet Home Alabama" tell him that while you love the story, you love your love story better.


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