How Do Guys Feel About Privacy In A Relationship?

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Men discuss if they would ever check their girlfriend's email or cell phone.

The other night, when I was having dinner with a guy friend who told me my engagement history might scare off some guys, we also discussed the issue of privacy in a relationship and how big of a deal it can be when that privacy is violated. He maintains that checking your partner's email, cell phone call log, and text messages is totally wrong, whereas I think it's wrong, but not pathological or evil. Frankly, I know many women who do the occasional cell phone check or email glance (and a few women who do oh-so-much more), but what about guys? Do they ever pilfer through their girlfriends' inboxes and Facebook accounts? I went to four taken guys on IM to find out. Privacy issues

Sample Answers:
Some Guy In Some Band: I have always steered clear of invading privacy and what not… really don't want to know.

The Music Nerd: That's not cool and I trust her completely and she never checks mine. Once you start going down that path you are in danger.

The Dirty Texter: Not really but I have friends who have.

The Experienced Guy: Once or twice when she was still logged onto Facebook on my computer, I looked at photos to check out the ones I wasn't able to see from my account.

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