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Comment of the Day 05/13


Over on our video page, we posted an episode of a web show about a couple that becomes unexpected sexperts after their amateur porn gets sent to their friends and family. While the story is a fake, it raises some good home video questions, that user WaterisIsland weighted in on:

What a creep! Any couple that want to make a sex tape for themselves- it should be done ONLY if they BOTH want to do it. Talking her into it is comparable to talking a woman into having sex. HE's a lousy actor. Kind of reminds me more of a used car salesman at a fly-by-nite car lot.

We concur. Both couples need to be on board with any sort of video taped shenanigans. Also, how do you "accidentally" email a video file instead of a document? That's just sextarded.


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