Why Guys Hate Date Movies


date movies
Guys just don't like date movies. One man explains why.

Obviously there are some good romantic comedies out there. But to succeed as a movie they must appeal to both genders, and that means taking up multiple unrealistic extremes. In Knocked Up, the Seth Rogan character takes a road trip to Vegas and shrooms with his buddy during Cirque du Soleil (fuckin' right he did!) then grows up and reconciles with his long-suffering girlfriend (awwww!). If you can remember it's just entertainment, great, but that's tough in a movie with deceptively "normal" characters and situations. Study: Romantic Comedies Warp Your Brain

Ultimately maybe date movies should be for firmly established couples only. You wouldn't see Pineapple Express with your boss, you wouldn't see Zack and Miri Make a Porno with your mom, and you shouldn't see a date movie with a date. It's just too damn dangerous. I highly recommend dinner across a tiny square table, with alcohol and maybe some conversation. And nobody's expectations but your own.

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