Top 10 Alternatives To The Word "Boyfriend"


name boyfriend
"Boyfriend" sounds so high school. But what DO you call the guy you're seeing? Ten alternatives.

Life Hostage
The Good: No need to grip his sleeve at parties; you've staked your claim.
The Bad: Possessive much?

The Good: You're finally dating a grown-up, good for you.
The Bad: He's retreating to his man cave with his man sack in tow right about . . . now.


The Good: It's sweet enough to eat, and doubles as a nickname appropriate in the bedroom and out.
The Bad: Mariah Carey called. You stole her line.

The Good: Hot, hot, hot.
The Bad: All that's missing is a set of gold chains and a bad perm, and you're back in the seventies.

The Good: It's old-fashioned romance at its best.
The Bad: Other than the fact that you sound like old Aunt Agnes, not much.

The Good: No need to have "the talk" if you're not sure how into monogamy he is.
The Bad: Explaining you didn't pay this guy to sit at your table at your best friend's wedding.

The Good: Wherever you go, he goes, and he's happy to be along for the ride.
The Bad: You know who makes a good companion? Your dog.

Let us know: what do you call your "special friend?"