Will Miami Priest Leave Church To Marry Lover?


priest tempted by woman
Celebrity priest caught kissing girlfriend appears on morning show. Watch it here!

Stubborn love can drive a wedge between a man's competing passions, forcing him to make torturous decisions. As the old adage goes, you can't have your cake and eat it too. In this case, you can't marry the woman you long for and remain a priest in the Roman Catholic church. That's the thorny predicament in which Miami-based celebrity priest, Father Alberto Cutie , finds himself as YourTango told you on March 7.

After snapshots of Father Cutie canoodling with a woman in the Florida sands surfaced, Cutie was relieved of priestly duties at his Miami Beach parish, St. Frances de Sales, by the Archdiocese of Miami.


Yesterday, Cutie, known to parishioners as 'Padre Oprah' (he's also a TV-show host, advice columnist and relationship-book author) appeared on CBS's Early Show, without his collar, answering questions from Maggie Rodriguez, and confessing to a two-year relationship with the woman in the photos.

Of his actions, says Cutie, "I was motivated by love for someone, by a good thing, a healthy and a good desire in my heart," later adding, "...when you love someone, you just don’t kind of say goodbye...you have to assume your responsibilities in many ways." Spiritual Sex: 10 Erotic Commandments

We'd say Father Cutie has it pretty bad. Now he will have to agonize over an unimaginable life decision, between the commitment he made to love his God and church and the chance he found at earthly love with a woman.

Cutie's now-public struggle calls attention to the long-bubbling-over debate within church walls. As YourTango reported in March 2007, the Pope announced that the Vatican plans to uphold the celibacy requirement for priests, showing no signs of relenting its stance. Thus, a priest like Cutie, is caught in the clutches of desire. As it stands, he will not be able to be a priest and to be a husband, too.

Watch the Early Show interview below.



Readers, what do you predict: Will Cutie hang up his robe for good or ditch his girlfriend?


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