Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal: Epic Love Story


Farrah Fawcett Ryan O'Neil
Friends and family gather to say goodbye.

Farrah and Ryan reunited in the early years of this decade and were together through his treatment for leukemia (he has been in remission since 2006) and when she was first diagnosed with cancer in 2006. A documentary chronicling her battle with cancer produced by Fawcett's friend Alana Stewart, called Farrah's Story, will air Friday night on NBC. "This film is very personal," Farrah has said. "As much as I would have liked to have kept my cancer private, I now realize that I have a certain responsibility to those who are fighting their own fights and may be able to benefit from learning about mine." Farrah's Charlie's Angels costars, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith, appear in the film, as does her father, Jim.

The rollercoaster O'Neal-Fawcett relationship was iconic in its joining of two figures who were already celeb gossip staples before they paired up, and became only more infamous together. But regardless of the headlines, their love was always visible. "I can't hear a song, I can't pass places that we were together, without being stabbed in the heart," Ryan said last week. "A week ago Farrah said to me, 'Am I going to make it?' I said, 'Yes, you'll make it. And if you don't, I'll go with you.'"

Via People. Photo courtesy of Splash News.

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