The Links: Mother's Day & John Edwards


John Edwards and Elizabeth Edwards
Guys & strip clubs, when to move in and pregnant women are smug.

Glamour's Married Jake asks his readers where they draw the line sexually adventurousness. Number one answer: anything that involves men who write for ladies magazines (aw crap). 

Over at the Huffington Post (the kids in my neighborhood call it the HuPos), they've an impassioned plea for comprehensive sex-ed. It makes sense. This sounds like a job for the PTA! 


And Marie Claire has a smart, first-person essay about how a decreased libido caused by antidepressants actually improved a man's dating life. Now I've heard everything.

Wait, from YourTango's home office, how a woman's sex life was improved by her pregnancy... Now I've heard everything.

Any links I may have missed, send 'em my way. Say hello to your mother for me.

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