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Intelligence, evolution and sex, the YourTango way.

YourTango this week was fresher than a newborn. From post-preganancy sex to intelligent dating, there was something for everyone. But in case you were too busy checking that bun in the oven, here's what you missed.

Video: How To Date Someone Dumber Than You
Does mismatched intelligence spell relationship doom?

Community Blog: How Evolved Is Your Relationship
johannalyman guides us through the stages of relationships. Where does yours fall?

Tomfoolery: 10 Things Not To Say After Doing It
Tom helps us to not ruin the afterglow.

Feature: Having A Baby Improved My Sex Life
Pregnancy and parenthood doesn't mean and end to sex.

Celeb Love: Jon Gosselin's Affair Confirmed?
Maybe it should be Jon and Kate plus 9, not 8.

Love Buzz: 4 Ways To Rid An Ex From Your System
Priceless advice, including "Don't Do A Cut And Paste"

Question: How Can I Get A Bisexual Man To Be With Me?
We know you have advice. Help missmimi_19 out.

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