Why Is Biology Against Us?

Why Is Biology Against Us?
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Women are choosing to have kids later, but studies show puberty is starting earlier.

Many women today embrace the notion of being an independent woman. Women everywhere are saying "screw you" to society’s one-time norm of being a spinster if you aren't married in your twenties, and instead aren't walking down the aisle until they are good and ready. Read: Is It Better Or Worse To Marry Young?

Furthermore, though biologically a women can give birth before she can legally drive, women are fighting their biological clocks by having kids later in life or not at all.

Nevertheless, according to the New York Times, studies show that women (or really girls) are starting to show signs of puberty earlier than ever. Specifically, girls in Denmark are beginning to develop breasts at 9 instead of 10, which was the average age in the early 1990s. Though perhaps male teens everywhere will be more than OK with this development, it can be bad news for society's already angst-ridden adolescent girls.

Studies show that those who go through puberty early are more likely to have unprotected sex and misuse alcohol and other drugs. Besides the social situations girls younger and younger will have to encounter, there is also a chance of a higher breast cancer risk when older.

"Probably, the majority of these girls will mature without any side effects. The problem is that we do not know," said Dr. Lise Aksglaede of Copenhagen University Hospital, the study's lead author.

Sigh. Doesn’t the average teenage girl have enough problems to worry about between Robert Pattinson ignoring her daily Twitter flirts and missing the latest episode of Gossip Girl? And wouldn't life be easier for the modern woman trying to "have it all" if her biological clock started later rather than earlier? Thanks a lot, biology.


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