Poll: How Much Did You Spend On Your Wedding Dress?


Dress shopping
Sometimes that white can cost a lot of green.

Every girl dreams about what her wedding dress will look like.  Traditional or modern? Tiara or veil? Beading, lace, or both? 

The one thing many brides-to-be don't dream about is the price tag.  So, really, how much did you spend on your dream dress?  And if you've just started looking, how much are you willing to pay for your big day? 

After you're done voting, share your memories in the comments section.  Was it worth the money you spent, or do you wish you had treated yourself to something higher-end?  Oh, and don't forget to pass on tips on where to find affordable dresses for all the newly engaged gals on the site.

Poll: How Much Did You Spend On Your Wedding Dress?:

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