The Real Housewives Report Card: Who Gets An "A"?


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Rating "The Real Housewives" relationships.


Pros: Bethenny's not shy about what she's looking for in a man (she'll take the nerd over the model, thank you) or admitting that putting her career first has taken top billing over relationships in the past. She accepts that, at 37, she may or may not have a child, so she'd like to adopt if it doesn't happen. How To Stop Worrying About Your Biological Clock


Cons: On a recent first date with a charming French model (!) and businessman, she dominated the conversation with her New York humor, making it tough  for the guy to gather his English skills and get a word in edgewise. Alas, they go on a second date in an upcoming episode, so clearly something went right! Perhaps it was her Skinnygirl body? 

Bethenny's grade: B-

Countess LuAnn

Pros: The Countess is all about etiquette, even when it comes to dating. She believes in turning off the Blackberry and giving your full attention to your companion. She wants to be perceived as royalty at all times (which makes us wonder, will her divorce mean she loses her title?).

Cons: She advised Bethenny to let the man "be the man" and thinks playing the passive woman is the way to go. LuAnn, let your hair down! Being a proper gal is one thing; being a proper bore is quite another. Relationships are invariably gritty at times, no matter how many coats of "manner paint" you throw at them. Facebook Manners And You

LuAnn's grade: C


Pros: The newcomer, model- and girl-about-town told us on this week's episode that she detests dinner dates and would rather go out and do "stuff" with a potential love interest. OK, we like activity dates, too (if that's what "stuff" means...). 5 Alternatives To Dinner & A Movie

Cons: A couple weeks ago, Kelly verbally attacked Bethenny at a bar, telling her "I'm up here, you're down here." Moments later, she met suave Argentinian, Max, and his pearly whites for a date. Everyone has their pre-date rituals, but this one wasn't the best idea. We know Kelly wants to be cool and calm; we just don't think she's there quite yet. Kelly Killoren Bensimon Arrested

Kelly's grade: D

While we didn't hand out any F grades this time around, The Real Housewives of New Jersey debuts March 12 on Bravo. A whole new class of Housewives (and surely a host of relationship issues) awaits!

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