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Buzz, Love

If you weren't paying attention, here's the week's best from YourTango.

YourTango this week was just like the perfect man: powerful, sexy and bold. In case your liquid lunch did a number on your memory, here's what you missed.

Feature: Can Powerful Women Find Love?
And you thought Maureen Dowd and Hilary Duff had nothing in common

Love Buzz: 5 Things To Blame On Sex And The City
If only love was as easy as scapegoating.

Celeb Love: Simon Says He And Paula Secretly In Love
Maybe he's not a cold-hearted snake after all?

Tomfoolery: If We Stop Kissing Then The Swine Flu Wins
We aren't in Beirut. We don't have to stop kissing because of the swine flu.

Community Blog: Talking About My Sex Life With My Mother
jyoungstar21 can't move in with her mom ... because of sex

Question: Am I wrong for leaving a marriage of over 20 years because I don't want to live with his parents?
Quick guys! User noboundaries needs your help!

Comment: Qverb on 5 Things He Doesn't Think You Can Handle


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