Behind The Scenes Of "Facebook Manners And You"


A look at the cast, crew and props that made Timmy Gordon and Alice Johnson come to life.

YourTango's "Facebook Manners And You" video has become a viral hit, so we thought we'd tell you a little bit about how we made it. Styled as a 1950s-era instructional film, the video chronicles the rule-breaking breakup of Timmy Gordon and Alice Johnson on Facebook, the "electric friendship generator." These two completely ignore Facebook etiquette, and boy do they ever pay the price!

Watch Facebook Manners And You

Since we released the video, curious fans have wondered where we found old footage and how we digitally inserted Alice into the scene. In fact, we created it  from scratch, thanks to our newfangled "computing machines." We studied old instructional films on the internet and fashioned the look through a combination of blurring, a superimposed scratched film reel, desaturation, contrast, and a "jitter" to make the video look like it was going through a projector.

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos to learn more about the process.

Want more from Alice and Timmy? Find them on Facebook, naturally.


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