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Comment of the Day 04/29

Comment of the Day 04/29

In response to "Sharing a Bed With My Ex" user Qverb tells the other commenters to chill out and that their version of love may not look like the author's version of love:

There isn't just one type of love, one way to love someone. They took
their chance at a relationship and discovered that they have a really
loving friendship. It happens. I give these two huge kudos for what
they did. Circumstance dictated that they stay living together, and
eventually they chose to work through the issues. Yes, they
rediscovered why they fell for each other in the first place, but they
also cemented the reasons they couldn't stay together. That is real
love, not some sappy, selfish,, silver screen love that denies reality.

Touche Qverb.


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