Do You Have Hollywood Sex?

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Hooking up isn't always as glamorous as they make it seem in the movies.

Sometimes sex feel like it does in the movies: hot, coordinated and culminating in simultaneous, mind-blowing orgasms. Other times, it's not quite so pretty. The up-against-the-wall sex scene between Kelly Preston and Tom Cruise's characters in Jerry Maguire comes to mind. In real life, his arm muscles might get tired from holding her up, or she might not be able to climax with her legs wrapped around him so tightly, right?

OK, maybe you disagree. In which case, congrats on having a red-hot Hollywood sex life (liar), one any without awkward positions, dry patches or underwhelming performances! For the rest of us, sex ain't always so glam.

That's the sentiment in this College Humor video below:


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