Love Bytes: Never Have We Ever

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What you would and wouldn't let your partner do if it was up to you.

Love Bytes: three must click sex, dating and relationship links.

Fanny packs are a dating deal breaker. Are you surprised? [LimeLife]

You're in love, and then your date orders an appletini with extra tini. Or, you're in love, and then your date starts puckering up to his pooch. No no no! Why did they have to blow it?!

Would you want your husband to play Mr. Mom if he lost his job? [Huffington Post]

How about letting your girlfriend windsurf naked on the back of a billionaire? [The Daily Lowdown]

We already suspected it didn't suck to be a billionaire. Now it's confirmed. The naked hottie glued to a waterskiing Sir Richard Branson is model Denni Parkinson. But here's the kicker: She's NOT the golddigging girlfriend you'd expect, apparently; she's the photographer's girlfriend.

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