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Southern Love, Forbidden Love And Timmy Gordon

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Love, Heartbreak

If you weren't paying attention, here's the week's best from YourTango

Hot, Hot, Hot! That's the only way to describe YourTango this past week. In case you had to get some water, here's a recap.

Feature: Diary Of A 23-Year-Old Mistress
"He's just too charming, his presence too intense for me to resist," writer Emily Rozen writes. "And it doesn't help that I'm falling in love." Steamy!

Feature: How To Love Like A Tough, Southern Chick
Dolly Parton, Paula Deen, Margaret Mitchell and now you too can love like a Southern Chick!

Video: Facebook Manners And You
If this is friendship, would you not be my friend?

Tomfoolery: Timmy Gordon on Facebook Status Changes

Someone's not happy about his treatment on the "electronic friendship generator."

Love Buzz: Birth Control May Stunt Muscle Growth
If you've been trying unsuccessfully to tone those abs, this might be why.

Celeb Love: Heidi and Spenser Plan to Wed This Weekend
Lovers from The Hills plan to walk down the aisle.

Community Blog: Friends With Benefits?
jayshotmom has mixed emotions over friendly benefits.

Comment of the Day: Recession troubles
auranissa tells us how her beau feels in the recession.



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