6 Life And Love Lessons From Helen Gurley Brown


helen gurley brown
Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere, and other wise words from Cosmo's iconic editor.

4. "If you have some daily anguish from some cause that's not really your fault—a rotten family, bad health, nowhere looks, serious money problems, nobody to help you, minority background (I don't have that—a WASP—but I had other things)—rejoice! These are your fuel!" In other words, that which does not kill us makes us stronger. Turn those lemons into lemonade. No great art comes from comfort. Be more like Oprah Winfrey and less like the guests on Jerry Springer.

5. Sex "isn't some random piece of mischief you dreamed up because you're a bad, wicked girl...you inherited your proclivity for it." Sadly, there was a time not too long ago when many women were made to feel ashamed of their desires. Even sadder, plenty of women still feel this way today. Helen Gurley Brown knew that sex wasn't (and isn't) something to feel guilty about. It's as natural and essential to our physiology as respiration. And frankly, who feels bad about breathing?


6. The single girl "is a giver, not a taker, a winner and not a loser." Yes, we know. The single girl is decent. The single girl is fun. The single girl is neither a pathetic spinster nor a deviant homewrecker. The single girl is there for her friends, there for her boss, and still there to be the life of the party. And at some point or another, all females have been her. So let's not pity her or vilify her. Let's be grateful that we live in a time that being single and female is a little easier and lot more fun than it once was.

Tell us: what has Helen or Cosmopolitan taught you over the years?

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