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Waste of My Hope?


So I've done the cupid thing and the pof thing. And they both were pretty much a waste of time. So why, I ask myself, am I bothering with the eHarmony thing? Is it because of all the nifty commercials that advertise finding your soul mate? The patented 29 dimensions to match you with someone you'll actually get along with? Or because this is my last attempt to try the online dating thing? So that if this attempt fails I can say truthfully I've tried them all? Perhaps this time will work. Perhaps I will find a true companion for my soul. One I can share my day with. The ups, the downs and the in-betweens. Someone whose beliefs and values are similar to my own. Perhaps. I am going into this with my eyes open and my heart hopeful. I know HE is out there somewhere. I look forward to meeting him.


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