What I Learned From Watching 500 Adult Films


watch 500 adult films
Reviewing pornography for a living gives the writer a unique perspective on the genre.

Over time, our relationship—and our smut-consuming habits—became more established and his tastes became more refined. It seemed Jim had an aversion to the typical bleached blonde LA porn stars. He'd developed a predilection for female masturbation as well, so when I shuffled through my supply of screening possibilities, asking for his input on which to review, he eagerly selected an Abby Winters flick. If you aren't familiar, Abby Winters is a director from down under who shoots fresh-faced young Aussie babes playing with themselves. And each other. Her stuff is, as I affectionately refer to the genre, "penisless porn." Not ordinarily my thing. But in the interest of pleasing my partner—and ultimately myself—I conceded.

As I wrote in the review, "If I'd been watching this alone I would've been asleep within the first few minutes." Fortunately, I wasn't watching it alone.


"It's educational," Jim cooed, his eyes transfixed by the on-screen antics. "I'm noting their pressure and speed." Further potential benefit for me! "Those boobs are great!" he enthused over one particularly voluptuous pair. I had to agree. Watching porn gave us the opportunity to communicate about sex, and our preferences and desires without having to force a conversation.

It also served as motivation for me to "put on a show" for him. It was, surprisingly, the first time I'd ever incorporated something I'd seen on-screen into off-screen sex. It was not, however, the last, as every two weeks we took the opportunity to meet my deadline and discover something new.

When, in 2008, the profusion of online bloggers reviewing porn eliminated my ability to be paid for it, our film-viewing habits ceased. After so many hours of smut I'm not really all that interested in watching it. Plus, most of those hours really were work: writing positive reviews about films that are often tedious to watch can be exhausting!

So far, 2009 is looking like it might be another year without watching porn for pay. With so many blogs and twitterers, it seems everyone's a critic. As for my relationship, now that the limerence is over we may need to watch some porn for the same reasons regular people do: to put the zing back into our sex life. Hmm, perhaps I need to hit the local rental joint and pick up Carmen Luvana's latest!



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