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Is Rihanna Dating Again?

rihanna parties with basketball players
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Chris Brown watches from the sidelines as ex his takes center stage.

Chris Brown better watch his back or he might get fouled by a very tall and very protective point guard. Brown’s former better half, Rihanna, was spotted partying with 6-foot-3 Baron Davis and his L.A. Clippers teammates at the Los Angles hotspot My House. The star danced, sipped Grey Goose and flirted with Davis and his teammates all night long, said the New York Daily News, while cheering on the crowd as they booed her former beau.

Let’s see Chris Brown try to make a layup now.

Brown has had his share of court drama, pleading not guilty to two felony charges of assault and making criminal threats in connection with his alleged assault on Rhianna. Lately, Brown has been spotted making a play for his ex-girlfriend, college student Erica Jackson, as well as Girlicious singer Natalie Mejia. Of course, the singer recently denied both these relationships to Access Hollywood. But what do you expect from a player bent on breaking the rules?

Photo courtesy of Splash News.


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