Tips On Interracial Dating


interracial dating tips
One of our blogger friends, Funky Brown Chick, schools the masses on dating black women.

3.) BE TRUTHFUL: She says it's OK to cop to never dating a black chick if you want. But don't (and this should be a rule when dating anyone) pretend you are looking for somethings serious when really all you want is to add Black Woman (or whatever race) to your sex resume. "There are plenty of places and opportunities to do that," she says. "Place a Craigslist add. Look into raceplay communities."

4.) BE OPEN-MINDED: She cautions against sticking your foot in your mouth when faced with a differing opinion. Again, this could be a general dating tip, but when in the company of a different race it's only natural to have an opposing opinion when discussing certain topics. "When dating someone from a background other than your own, be prepared to brush up against ideas that may or may not run counter to your beliefs. In that case, resist the urge to think your way is automatically “right” and theirs is “different” (read: “wrong”). You might learn something new."


5.) SEE HER AS A WOMAN FIRST: Try to avoid seeing this as some sort of racial science experiment. You're on a date, remember, with another human being, remember. Relax. "I could be completely loony and totally off base with this," she says. "But I think most people want to be cherished / loved / cared for / desired / etc. for who THEY are. Spend a little time getting to know her. Act like it’s a, you know, DATE."


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