SIngle...sort of.


SIngle...sort of.

I love a man that's misunderstood, a man that needs a chance, a man who needs just one person in their corner to support them through this temporary(but ends up long-term) rough patch in their life.
I have got to stop. It's affecting so many other aspects of my lfe that it's becomng a life of its own. I'm not completely depressed about it, because crap happens to everyone, and I'm no exception. I crave the man that has his crap together, his plans almost complete, and wants a woman by his side like me.
But, until I get some time to reflect on this more, I'm not taking any more puppies home. I'm trying to leave them at the pet store. But they always seem to get out of the cage, follow me home, and scratch on the door for lovin'.
Or sometimes, I bring them home on a leash.
Reagrdless, I need to stop bring these sad stories back home.
I need to stay single for a long time. A very, very, very long time.
That is, if I don't get married to a man who has a make-believe inheritance....

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