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Blogging Non-Monogamy


I'm 27 and have been married almost four years. For the past eight months, it's been an open marriage. At best, that's been a wonderfully engaging and enlightening experience. At worst, it's been interesting. Win.

I've really been wanting to blog about it, so I'm glad that YourTango exists. It's one of the only decent places online to read about non-monogamy in a positive light (though I'm finding more, slowly). And I'm desperate for an online component to being poly (open, non-monogamous, polyamorous, whatever you want to call it), because I have no "real" community for it. Despite being open with my husband, I am closed by necessity to the rest of the world; and it's made being open surprisingly lonely.

Without anyone to share the ups and downs with--beyond my husband and lovers--they run the risk of becoming a negative feedback loop. I can get so tied up inside my own head without an outlet; I need a girlfriend, a therapist, or a journal to smooth me out. Now, maybe, I have a blog, I have the internet, I have a place to spit it all out. I'm grateful.


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