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So where else to start but at the beginning? I was married young, got divorced young and then immediately jumped into another marriage thinking I needed the security that a man could offer. Turns out I just got more of what I least desired. Being controlled. I have a little boy now, and have entered the world of dating. Which sounds way more thrilling than it actually is. Sounds like I should be out having the time of my life, right? Wrong! I spend more time now trying to decide if dating more than one guy at a time makes me a slut, or if I should just devote myself to one at a time. I don't believe in doing things half-heartedly, which makes giving myself to anyone difficult, especially if they only want to date on and off. I enjoy the peace and contentment that a satisfying relationship brings, and the joy that being in love fills my heart with. I, however, am still searching for that one right person who completes me: mind, body and soul. Someday....*sigh*


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