Single Again: Hits & Misses


Single Again: Hits & Misses


I have a friend who introduced me to this guy last year (networking, I wasn’t single), but when I became single she tells him and out of nowhere he emails me and starts chatting me up. Well, this one works offshore as an EMT (again, bonus points), and I enjoyed talking to him. Then…I find out that when he’s home for a week all he wants to do is drink, party, go out, have a good time, and get laid. Not my style, and I start choking off communication until he stops calling.


By this time I’m sick of the whole mutual friend thing. Sure, it’s only three guys and about four weeks, but damn…Three strikes in a row?

I think I’ll try on my own now, thanks.

So, I am forced to attend a Weapons of Mass Destruction training course, and I ended up getting back in touch with a guy I had met in college and briefly spoke with on occasion. He’s a paid/career Firefighter and Paramedic or “FireMedic” for short. The guy was always super-smart, but he’s shy and he’s a dork. (Not all Firefighters are like Tommy from Rescue Me, ha-ha!) Nonetheless, we exchange numbers and one of his co-workers gets wind of it. (The co-worker is more like Lou or one of the guys on Rescue Me…who takes it upon himself to hook us up, involuntarily.) Well, we tried talking a few times, and he was just so reclusive that I seriously thought I was wasting my time. However, the guy hasn’t dated in a while and with his entire Fire Dept pushing me to keep trying…I did. Low and behold, he starts opening up and we discover that we have a ton of things in common, and he’s gone from the guys at the station telling me, “you have to call him, he will not call you” to “I’ll talk to you tomorrow” and “You should come hang out with me” in a matter of about a week…it just took two weeks to get there! So, as of right now I’m really digging him and hopefully when we get to go out next week he and I will both really be into one another and we can go from there.

I’m a believer in “everything happens for a reason.”

It just seems too damn ironic that I’m literally forced to attend a WMD class that I had no interest in and end up getting in touch with someone that I just happen to now be totally into…


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